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On exiting the north side of St. Joseph, the group soon reached the Wollenman Estate. Connie Wollenman was out front to greet the group as it pulled onto the flag-lined, half-mile long driveway leading to the Wollenman home and outbuilding. The group parked out front on a beautifully manicured green lawn. The Wollenman’s had put their collection of Corvettes and antique cars on display in the lawn as well. Club members were ushered into the outbuilding, which serves as a garage/man-cave/banquet facility. An absolutely delicious barbeque feast was served, complete with pulled pork, barbequed chicken and fall-off- the-bones ribs so tender they melted in your mouth. Connie Wollenman also prepared a dessert table with an incredible variety of pies, cakes and sweets. The club members were able to dine and visit in comfort as there was plenty of room for everyone. After a wonderful dinner, the group dispersed to make their way back home on their own. The weather was fantastic, the venue was beautiful, and the hosts were incredible. And one thing was certain – not a soul left the place hungry! Thanks so much to Connie, Bob and Nick Wollenman for putting on a tremendous event that everyone will be talking about for a long time to come! - Jeff    Club members were ushered into the outbuilding, which serves as a garage/man-cave/ banquet facility.  48 Der Sportwagen  

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