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 FLORIDA CONCOURSE AMELIA ISLAND 2020 A FAMILY TRADITION FOR MORE THAN 10 YEARS CLUB MEMBER BOB WOLLENMAN Amelia Island, Florida in March is a Porsche enthusiast dreamland. There are great Porsche events that have become a significant part of the Concours weekend. Connie and I have the great fortune to have continuously revisited this event in excess of ten years consecutively. Each year seems to equal or exceed the previous year. destinations. Midday you join with everyone for lunch. Depending on the group that you are in, you will have the opportunity to autocross a new Porsche and enjoy a spirited run in one of Porsche’s ‘hot rods”. This is an all day event well worth the time and money. See the Amelia Island Concours site for registration. Option #2a - PCA has a Werks Reunion scheduled. This is a great event and the goal this year is for 500 Porsches. PCA has lots of plans. See the PCA website for more information and registration. 06 Friday, March 6th, has multiple events scheduled that can run interference for someone wanting to do it all. Along with the following, there are car auctions, silent auctions and eye candy going on almost everywhere. See the PCA and Amelia Island Concours for complete information and registration. Option #1 - Porsche in conjunction with the Concours has “The Porsche Driving Experience” that includes up to 250 people. Registration is for two persons. Start the morning with coffee and donuts. Once on the road, museums and points of interest become YEARS Option #2b - 3 pm to 4:30 pm: Amelia Island Concours Seminar. These seminars are a must attend. The back stories by the principals are amazing. I guarantee that you never know what you will hear. This year’s first seminar is Penske Perfect: Effort = Results. Seminar will include  52 Der Sportwagen the following panelists: Roger Penske, George Fulmer, Jim Hall,  

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