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 Rick Mears, John Mecum and Rusty Wallace. Register via the Amelia Island Concours website. Saturday, March 7, has multiple events scheduled. See the website for more information and registration. Option #1 - A Cars and Coffee event is scheduled for the show field with as many as 400 cars expected. There will be Porsches galore at this event. Many cars that you might miss at the Werks Reunion will be in attendance. Option #2 - 10:30 AM -12 noon. Penske Seminar: “Early Years” hosted by Ray Everham. The list of panelists is terrific. Sunday, March 8th is the Amelia Island Concours. Walk around the Ritz Carlton Golf Course and see the most amazing perfect cars. People that display at Amelia Island and other concours around the country say that they love this event. Entrants and spectators alike often say that the atmosphere is far more relaxed and a lot of fun.      Der Sportwagen 53 

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