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  FINAL DRIVE 911T PROJECT BUILD THE MILLION DOLLAR BUILD When one of Marlon’s clients noticed the shell of this 1972 Porsche 911 sitting in the corner of his workshop, he requested Marlon and his team build one of the most beautiful restomods we’ve laid eyes on. This is the story behind that build. Photography provided by Ben Massey for Workshop 5001. KCRPCA Kansas City Region ZONE 10 58 Subscribe for more Carfection videos: Like on Facebook: http://on.fb. me/1RvTdL4 Follow on Twitter: http://bit. ly/1JUAgiI - KCRPCA KCRPCA KANSAS CITY REGION PCA 60  YEARS      S R  O P F O C B H U E L C A M E R I C A Der Sportwagen 

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