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never even get a chance to prove myself. If you’ve ever seen the first season of The Good Doctor, that’s exactly what I’m afraid of. I actually met Freddie Highmore, the actor who plays Shaun Murphy on The Good Doctor, at an Autism Speaks gala. He was very encouraging.
How did you overcome the obstacles?
Singing has changed my life for the better. Acting in a song and learning how to convey emotions has taught me how others convey emotions. Now I know what cues to look for in conversations because I’ve used those same cues in my singing. Practicing and rehearsing has also taught me discipline.
I’ve found that many singers share personality traits that I possess, and it’s given me a safe environment.
I’ve found people who support and believe in me, like Mark Salters and Robin Follman. They’re amazing vocal coaches and life mentors. If it weren’t for them,
I wouldn’t be where I am today. Also, I feel like singing high notes
is a lot like screaming into a pillow. My current voice teacher, Linda Leyrer, laughs whenever I say that. I think it’s a great stress reliever and emotional outlet.
I have been fortunate to have many opportunities to perform
Amanda Anderson singing at the Autism Speaks gala as part of the Metropolitan Fashion Week in Los Angeles, 2016
with the
Seeking mezzo-soprano voice for the Young Artist Program 2020–21
Application and pre-screening deadline is Dec. 1, 2019
VOICE FACULTY Raymond Feener Maria Kanyova Dale Morehouse Aidan Soder
VOCAL COACHES Michelle Alexander Natalia Rivera
For full audition/application information visit Admissions | 816-235-2900
Relay Missouri: 800-735-2966 (TTY)
UMKC is an equal opportunity/a rmative action institution.
Meaningful connections.
Inspired creativity.
La  nta giardiniera
(The pretend garden-girl) Fall, 2018 11
photo by Eric Anderson

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