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Met Star and Voice Professor Fights Accusations of Sexual Assault
According to an email from the university’s O ce for Institutional Equity, the University of Michigan determined that tenured voice professor David Daniels sexually harassed at least one student. In July 2018, a student provided university police with screen shots of a text conversation with Daniels. The messages show that Daniels violated policy when he o ered to pay a student $300 for sex using the Grindr hookup phone application. Daniels and his husband, William A. Scott Walters, are also accused of raping a Rice University student in Houston in 2010.
OperaCamion Brings Stage to Ordinary People in Rome
Fully funded by the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, the opera truck known as OperaCamion (OC) brings works like The Barber of Seville to the city streets. No one needs a ticket to see the show, but audience members need to bring their own chairs.
In an OC production, the truck itself becomes the stage, and
OperaCamion’s production of “Figaro”
every inch of it is used—even
the space underneath it. OC’s presentation of popular operas recalls the Italian tradition of shows by traveling performers as seen in Leoncavallo’s I pagliacci. OC, however, provides screens for today’s projections and videos.
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