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8-bar cut. In each of your cuts, you want to find some arc to the storytelling that begins with a bit of rising action before arriving
at the climax and highest notes. Remember that in the musical theatre world we value truthful and engaging storytelling over flawless technique.
Audition Attire
When auditioning for golden age musicals, you should wear traditional audition attire, meaning that you should dress up a bit. More casual attire is acceptable when auditioning for more contemporary shows. You also want to look like your headshot.
But regardless of what show
you are auditioning for, you should wear something comfortable and flattering that doesn’t need to be constantly pulled up or pulled down
after the slightest movement.
If possible, find something to distinguish yourself. Ideally, you want to be remembered for your performance, but it may also help to be remembered as the one in the yellow dress or the monkey tie.
You may also want to bring dance clothes and shoes with you in case you are asked to stay to do
several audition outfits, dance clothes, shoes, makeup, and curling irons so they are ready for any kind of audition and can get ready while waiting to be seen.
Non-Equity and Open Call Auditions
Now you are ready to show up and be seen. An open call or non-
a dance or movement call. I have seen musical theatre performers show up to an audition with a small roller suitcase that is filled with
equity audition is not affiliated with any union. Sign-up for the audition usually begins an hour before the posted start time, and you are
“If you are not con dent singing contemporary music, avoid auditions that are asking for contemporary musical theatre or pop/rock repertoire.”
2020 Award Recipients
Howard Watkins David Bamberger
Opera Rocks!
Cleveland, Ohio January 8 - 11, 2020
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