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there is available time. Note that union members may show up at anytime and claim any open spot.
Also note that there are some performers who have Equity Membership Candidate (EMC) status, meaning they have earned several points for working on union- regulated shows as non-union members, and once they have accumulated the designated number of points they can apply for membership. Those who have EMC points will be given preference over non- union performers if they arrive before the midpoint of the audition day. After the midpoint, their name will be added at the end of the non-union list.
If the casting director does not want to see non- union performers, they often offer the opportunity for you to leave a headshot and résumé for their perusal. This is actually a good idea, and you may get a more personalized audition on another day for the casting company if you do leave your headshot and résumé for them.
Audition Season
The busy audition season begins in January and ends in April or May each year. This is when summer stock theaters are doing their casting and when many
repertory theaters are casting their seasons. Most professional theaters hold auditions in New York City, although many regional theaters will also hold a local audition. If you are auditioning during the summer or autumn season in New York City, then you may find fewer audition opportunities available but may also find that there are fewer people attending auditions.
Again, my observation is that those who attend the most auditions work the most, and casting directors really do work to see as many people as they can in a day. Don’t worry about being turned away because a casting director has already seen you several times before but not cast you. Keep showing up and doing what you do.
Christy Turnbow is currently teaching at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee and has taught at Montclair State University, Penn State University, and Brigham Young University. She earned an MFA in musical theater voice teaching from Penn State University and a BM from Brigham Young University in vocal performance and pedagogy. She has been seen in leading roles in regional music theatre productions and national tours.
Bachelor of Music Degrees in Music Education, Performance, Composition, Music Theory, Music History and Music Business Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Master of Music Degrees in Music Education and Performance
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