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Hopefully your program also
has a class on the nuts and bolts
of being a working artist. At New
England Conservatory this course is
called the Entrepreneurial Musician.
Soprano Rebecca Teeters, who
teaches the course, describes it as
“all the business side of things I wish
I had before leaving school: basics
of résumés/cover letters,  nances,
musician taxes, building a private
studio, networking, interviewing, career planning, etc.”
Whatever the requirements are, don’t grumble about them—embrace them! Go to class, pay attention, do the homework. You never know what you will pick up that you will need later. And if your program doesn’t o er something you need, you may be able to  nd it outside the classroom.
Pay Attention to What Interests You
Chances are you have interests in addition to music. Nearly every other subject can be part of a music career in some way, and developing your passion early on can help you  nd your niche.
Soprano Laura Loge started studying Norwegian
as a high school student and went on to focus almost all her non-degree classes on Norwegian studies while getting a BM in vocal performance from St. Olaf College. Fast forward more than a decade to today and Loge, who is accomplished in standard opera and oratorio repertoire, has used her interest and expertise to become a leading voice in the Nordic repertoire. She directs the Mostly Nordic Chamber Music Series in Seattle, serves on the board of the Edvard Grieg Society of America and as founder of the Northwest Edvard Grieg Society, and has published translations, IPA, and Norwegian diction guides. She is currently
“Your interests, background, and setting are going to make your roadmap to graduation different from anyone else’s, but all successful students have one thing in common: they do more than the bare minimum.”
Opera and Voice at University of the Paci c
Preparing students for professional singing careers
2020 Conservatory Auditions
January 18 | January 25 | February 1
Alumnus Andrew Dwan ’13 2019 Merola Opera Program artist Photo: Kristen Loken 61

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