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The Well-Rounded Student
Laura Loge
performing in a seven-concert series of the complete works of Grieg.
When re ecting on how her studies a ected her career, Loge writes, “At this point in my career I can truly say that most of my work is Nordic related, whether as
a performer or producer. I  nd both performing and
producing equally ful lling and educational for myself and my audiences. Had I not started studying Norwegian and followed through in college and Norway, I’m not sure where my niche in our business would have been.”
There are many other interests that could turn into a part of your career. Education is an obvious one, as so many singers also work as teachers. Pursuing studies in a secondary instrument can also open doors. If you are passionate about physical  tness, you might end up leading a running club or yoga classes for singers.
Many singers I spoke to mentioned familiarity with di erent religious traditions to be helpful as well, since so many paid gigs are religious services. In my own experience, my interest in the study of religion led me to a theology minor (and later, after earning
a master of music degree, a second masters in pastoral ministry), which enhanced my performance of sacred music. It also led me to work as a music director, conductor, soloist, and writer/speaker on spirituality and the arts. I work a lot in my  eld of study and I love all
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