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Limited lifetime warranty
Prodigy P2 Brake Controller
Reverse battery protection for both vehicle and breakaway. Digital display depicts voltage delivery to trailer during braking. No level adjustment necessary. Works proportionally in reverse with the ability to disable when not needed. “Boost” feature gives users the ability to apply more initial trailer braking power when towing heavier trailers Continual diagnostics check for proper connection
Prodigy P3 Brake Controller
The Tekonsha® P3 features a multi functioning LCD display with the most advanced easy-to-use diagnostics. The P3’s convenient features include a dash- hugging design, unique easy-to-use clip- mounting system, quick disconnect for a safe storage when not in use and the original “boost” feature that allows the driver to increase the initial power delivered to the trailer brakes and capability of switching between an electric brake system or a hydraulic brake system.
Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller - 0713
Hayes Energiser III Brake Controller
Quick-Connect feature Smooth, proportional trailer braking For all single and tandem axle trailers equipped with
Hayes Energiser III Brake Controller - 0715
20amp Circuit Breaker
Provides over current protection. Should be used when brake controllers are fitted.
20amp Circuit Breaker - 0718
1kg Fire Extinguisher Box
Hayman Reece Compact Brake Controller
Compact size Electric trailer brake control for 1-3 Axles
Hayman Reece Compact Brake Controller - 0693
Prodigy Pocket Mount Kit
Tekonsha Prodigy Pocket Mount Kit - 0695
Primus Brake Controller
Primus utilizes the primary sensor technology from Prodigy and features the Tekonsha® one step “Point and Go” set-up
Tekonsha Primus Brake Controller - 0705
Tekonsha Prodigy Brake Control Harness
Tekonsha Prodigy Brake Control Harness - 0708
1kg Fire Extinguisher
1kg Dry powder fire extinguisher. Comes with mounting bracket.
1kg Fire Extinguisher - 0710
Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Controller - 0690
Cheapest price in Australia
Fire Blanket 1m x 1m
In the car, caravan, RV or boat. A fire blanket is a must 1m x 1m. Approved to Australian Standards.
Available in black and white. Fiberglass Recessed cutout. 140mm x 345mm x 93mm
1kg Fire Extinguisher Box White - 0721W 1kg Fire Extinguisher Box Black - 0721B
Fire Blanket - 0700
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