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Gas Level Indicator with Torch
Simply hold the tip against the side of gas tank and slide it downwards from the top until the gas indicator illuminates (ensure BBQ is not operating). Includes a pushbutton torch function
Gas Level Indicator with Torch - 0209
12V Gas Detector
The 12V gas detector can be installed in homes, motorhomes & caravans. It detects a gas leakage and triggers the alarm when the gas level reaches 10% of the LEL (Lowest Explosion Limit) in the air. Gas Detector - 0725
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Battery Powered - 9V Hinged cover for easy battery replacement Lighted Power & alarm indicator 85dB, Electrochemical sensor
Carbon Monoxide Detector - 0726
Gas Leakage Detector
Run a quick check over your campervan, caravan or gas powered devices to make sure all outlets are safely sealed.
Gas Leakage Detector - 0727
Couple Mate
Also know as the “marriage saver”. The couplemate fits onto the towbar and will guide your coupling onto the ball. The main body of the couplemate can detatch and be used vertically as a coupling lock so your trailer can be locked onto the ball of the vehicle.
Heavy Duty Trailer Lock
A Heavy duty trailer lock to secure your caravan motorhome or trailer. Includes quality padlock.
Heavy Duty Trailer Lock - 0732
Deluxe Wheel Clamp
Use on your caravan, RV, motorhome or any vehicle. Fits to wheels up to 290mm. Weighs under 3kg, Insurance company approved.
Couple Mate - 0730
Coupler Lock
Guard against trailer tow away theft with this universal-fit coupler lock. Durable steel frame fits around 1-7/8”, 2” and 2-5/16” ball couplers
Coupler Lock - 0739
Hitch Pin Lock
Deluxe Wheel Clamp - 0734 Dual purpose. Can be used with or without lock.
Haymen Reece Hitch Pin
Anti Theft protection for your Trailer ball mount. Key can only be removed in locked position.
Haymen Reece Hitch Pin - 0736
Heavy Duty Trailer Lock with Hitch Pin
Includes the heavy duty trailer lock with a bonus Hitch Pin.
Heavy Duty Trailer Lock with Hitch Pin - 0738
Suitable for hitches from 65mm to 80mm.
Hitch Pin Lock - 0741
Dirty Devil
5/8"Hitch Pin Lock
Chrome plated pin With plastic lock Cover Secure your hitch For peace of mind
Hitch Pin Lock - 0742
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