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30 LED Awning Light
12 Volt LED Map Light
LED Rope Light
Super bright 30 LED Waterproof Awning Light. Measures 200mm x 100mm x 40mm high. Available in silver /grey and white
30 LED Awning Light Silver Grey - 2834 30 LED Awning Light White - 2834W
9 LED Mini Reading Light
With Switch 9 Super bright LED’s With chromed reflector 300 m/amps Base - 42mm x 80mm, Height - 86mm
9 LED Mini Reading Light - 2835
G4 LED Globe
The G4 LED Globe adopts a constant current circuit which makes the lamps much safer, primarily used as replacement globes for traditional G4 halogen lamps
G4 LED Globe - 2837
12 Volt LED Map Light
Super bright 15 LED map light with on/off switch. Hard wires in to 12 volt.
12 Volt LED Map Light - 2842
Super bright 15 LED map light with on/off switch. Plugs straight in to 12 volt socket.
12 Volt LED Map Light - 2843
LED Cupboard Light
3 LED Cupboard Light. Fit to cupboard, hatches, gas boxes or anywhere you have a hinged door. Batteries Included
LED Cupboard Light - 2844
9L mini size, take less space, convenient to use
Stylish external design, decoration of counter top
Non-stick internal surface, easy to clean 2 rack positions for easy adjustment of heat
* 18′ length, available in clear lights * Switch to toggle between on/off/blink options
LED Rope Light - 2846
12 Volt Portable Oven
2.8L Capacity Cooks & Warms to 149C Extension cord to 1.8M 15A Inline fuse holder Great for meals on the go - vehicle or camping
12V Portable Oven - 3125
12 Volt Oven
12V Oven - 2847
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