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Combination Lamp
Round Screw On Reflectors
80cm Round Center fixing screw
Red - 2900 Amber - 2902 White - 2904
Small Retro Reflector
Adhesive Retro reflector. 2 Pack 70mm x 28mm with adhesive. Available in clear, amber and red.
Clear - 2910 Amber - 2911 Red - 2912
Large Retro Reflector
Adhesive Retro reflector. Two Pack. 94mm x 44mm with adhesive. Available in clear, amber and red.
Clear - 2925 Amber - 2927 Red - 2929
50 LED Rear Combination Lamp Submersible
Extra bright, 50 LED bulbs, stainless screws, submersible.
50 LED Combination Lamp Submersible - 3002
12VDC LED Globe 2D
NARVA: 85710 Rear stop/tail direction indicator tail assembly and inbuilt reflex reflector. 400mm L x 127mm W x 75mm D
Combination Lamp - 2868 Replacement Lens - 2869
Flush Mounted Side Marker Lamp
NARVA 85750 Red amber lens 130mm x 60mm x 40mm
Flush Mounted Side Marker Lamp - 2870 Replacement Lens - 2871
Combination LED Trailer Lamp
Features 13 stop/ tail, 10 indicator and 1 licence plate LEDs 50,000 hours rated life. Size: 168mm x 88mm x 45mm
Rectangular Trailer Lamp - 2882
Combination LED Trailer Lamp
Suitable for 12V use only Featuring 8 indicator, 5 stop, and 3 tail LEDs Dimensions: 176mm x 86mm x 45mm Inbuilt reflex reflector 50,000 hours rated life.
Combination LED Trailer Lamp - 2885
The circular shape metal core PCB is backed with the same moulding as a normal 2D fluoro, so it fits into the same light socket - all you have to do is bypass the fluoro ballast and supply the lamp with 12VDC directly. Power: 9W Lumens: 900 Beam: 180o Dimensions: 150(Dia.)mm
12VDC LED Globe 2D -2906
21 Watt 12v Fluro
Replacement Tube 2D. Watt Tube in ‘D’ shape, pins countersunk in centre. 4 Pin in square configuration. Size: 137 x 137 x 27(D)mm.
21 Watt 12v Fluro - 2907
2D LED Replacement Globe
Oyster Light Replacement Globe. 84 Bright LED’s will reduce your power consumption and last longer. 135mm x 135mm
2D LED - 2908
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