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At the Center

                                                                          of Global Commerce

                                                 PTI: The Center of Activity
                                                   At the heart of this aerospace activity is Piedmont Triad
                                                    International Airport (airport code: GSO). The airport’s central
                                                      location and state-of-the-art facilities make PTI a catalyst for
                                                       commercial and industrial development. Home to more than
        All Roads Lead to PTI                           50 companies and 5,000 employees, the airport infuses an
                                                          estimated $2 billion into the local economy annually.
        A significant investment is being
        made into the Interstate highway                    The airport boasts immediate highway access, available land
        system adjacent to the airport. This                  ready for development and airport leadership focused on
        network will ensure easy access from                   economic development. PTI is:
        individual sites around the airport on
        Interstate highways leading north, south,                    Located in the center of North Carolina, in the center
        east and west. Major highways such as                        of the East Coast.
        I-40, I-85 and I-74 are already in place, with
        connectors under construction. By 2019, the                      Surrounded by an extensive network of Interstate highways.
        network will be complete, opening up numerous                     Home of the Guilford Technical Community College’s
        additional opportunities for industrial                           T. H. Davis Aviation Center, which custom trains workers
        sites with immediate, easy access                                  for the aerospace industry.
        to Interstate highways.                                                Supported by aerospace science at 13 colleges
                                                                              and universities.
 74                                                                                In possession of hundreds of acres of land that
                                                                                 is ready for development.
                                                FUTURE                               Ahead of the curve, having received
                                                 73                                 preliminary NEPA approval for development
                             FUTURE                                      FUTURE
                  FUTURE  NORTHERN CONNECTOR                                          of that land.
                   74                                    FUTURE           785
 274                                                                        FUTURE

                 274                                 73
                                  311  FUTURE
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