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Summer School invitation
O NE of the stand-out films of this year had to be ‘The Greatest Showman’ about PT Barnum and the creation of his circus and
the lives of its star attractions.
The theme running throughout the film was how performing can bring
magic to the audience and help the artists to believe in who they really are. These ideals are what the young performers in Sheffield held on to throughout the months of rehearsals and preparations for their show held on 16th and 17th June at Sheffield City Hall as they put on a show to remember.
The cast all attend Razzamataz Sheffield and the whole school played a part in the show which was called ‘Razz Around the World’. The annual performance gives students a chance to demonstrate what they learn each week in classes and shows off the whole Razzamataz curriculum that features traditional West End musical theatre through to pop singing, street dance and acting for stage and screen.
Key moments in the show included the opening Carnival number which included the full cast of 170 students.
Razzamataz Sheffield offers a wide range of performing arts styles for children with classes in dance, drama and singing. Razzamataz Sheffield is held at Meadowhead School every Saturday morning. There is currently the opportunity to book a free trial session for Saturday, 15th September, and booking is currently open for their ‘Greatest Showman’ themed Summer School. Details at or 07979 189177.
Rosalind Watchorn Solicitors
Derek and Joan had been married for over 50 years and had always treated the property they owned as belonging to both of them. However if one of a couple needs to go into care, it suddenly becomes important whose name the money is held in.
They had never had a great deal of money until Joan inherited a substantial amount from her sister a year ago. They took advice and invested the money (about £200,000) in each of their names. Unfortunately Derek’s health had not been good for some years, and by the time I went to see them Derek had had a spell in hospital and was moving into residential care.
Social Services had been assessing Derek’s assets to see whether he would be paying privately for his care or whether he would get assistance from the local authority with care home fees.
Some assets were exempt, and not counted, including the family home. If a spouse or dependent relative over the age of 60 remains in the property this does not form part of the assessment.
Derek had a few savings of his own amounting to about £30,000, and of course a half share in Joan’s inheritance. Because of this Derek was assessed as owning £130,000, and will be a private payer until his assets have reduced to £23,250.
If they had anticipated that he may require care because of his ill health then his assets would only have been assessed at £30,000. Within a few months Derek would have been obtaining help from
the council with his care costs.
A little bit of advanced planning never goes amiss, to make sure that the partner remaining at home will have sufficient to support themselves, and that expenditure is paid in the correct way.
We don’t of course have a
crystal ball but if it is
foreseeable that one
spouse may well need care
before the other then it is
legitimate to make sensible arrangements between them to ensure that the one remaining at home is protected.
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