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Exams over
and it’s time
for Twitter
The internet can be dangerous, but for many people it’s a welcoming place to hang out. Our teenage correspondent, Fran English, explains
A FTER sitting through an exam of an hour-and- however long, my favourite
thing to do is come home, sit down with a cup of tea and scroll through Twitter.
During exam time for GCSEs and A-Levels, Twitter is probably the most active platform.
I could spend hours scrolling
through all the tweets about
the latest exams. It makes me
feel so much better. If an
exam was surprisingly quite
easy leaving me worried that I
did it all wrong, I go onto
Twitter and see people feeling
the same way which puts my
mind at ease. Contrastingly,
when an exam was absolutely horrible, I can go on Twitter and see people making fun of various questions.
The power of social media is a large one and I think sometimes the good aspects are ignored and only the bad is seen, such as catfishing, cyberbullying and fake news.
People often ignore the friendships people can make through having one similar interest or how one scroll through Twitter can make a teenager feel so much better about failing their exam because so have numerous other people (some even worse than you which is, wrongly, even better).
I think many people who don’t experience social media first-hand only ever see the downsides when the news is full of reports about Facebook stealing our data or Snapchat being a scheme for facial recognition of people anywhere in the world.
People who use it daily understand that there are whole communities built online. People find others that they can relate to online better than people they are surrounded by.
Individuals/groups talk about real issues and can share their opinions on topics such as politics, human rights movements and even exams!
The internet is so powerful that even politicians use it to spread their ideas because that is where most people will see it. They can debate their comments or have discussions and express their opinion to said politician or person about their statement.
So, in summary, the internet isn’t all danger and fake people (it’s 2018, let’s be honest, that’s real life).
To me, it is a place that often makes me feel better about putting the wrong answer or where I learn about current issues around the world.
Also, lately, it is a place where I watch discussions of conspiracy theories (the Moon landing was fake) or talk to people in group chats about upcoming exams and share revision notes.
I agree that it can be dangerous, but to many people, it’s their safe place.
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