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The Master and Mistress Cutler welcome guests to the 2018 Cutlers Feast at the Cutlers’ Hall
Boarding the Master Cutler Train (left) and an all-electric double- decker bus (right) manufactured by MagTec, the UK’s largest supplier of electric drive systems
and training sessions, work placements, internships and greater engagement between employers and schools. The programme started in 2010 when the Company of Cutlers undertook a study with Sheffield City Council into what employers needed from school leavers.
“The cadet’s recognition of the role of the Master Cutler and the fact she had the confidence to come up and acknowledge it summed up for me a lot of what this is all about,” commented Ken.
Ken has been supported in his role by wife Janet, the Mistress Cutler, although she hasn’t been able to play such an active part as she had hoped since breaking her leg.
The final months of Ken’s term of office will be no less busy for the businessman. He will be taking a trade delegation to Poland in July and, in keeping with tradition, will welcome the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Charles Bowman, to the Cutlers’ Hall for the Forfeit Feast.
Locally, he is organising a charity music night on 14th July in Dronfield Civic Hall, with Junkyard Dog providing the entertainment.

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