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The eat is on!
When the temperature rises, keep your cool by letting someone else prepare your food and drink
S UMMER’S here and if you listen to some TV and radio presenters you could be excused for thinking everyone is
basking in their back gardens where their barbecues are all aglow. Cooking and eating outdoors with friends and family can be a
special occasion, but it can also be more trouble than it is worth when the weather changes, someone complains their chicken isn’t cooked properly and the kids say they hate burnt sausages.
So get back indoors and prepare yourself something special for summer. How about a herby pasta, posh burgers or hot- dogs, open crab and prawn sandwiches? And then delight everyone with a huge, messy concoction of fresh fruit, ice cream and meringue.
Mind you, if you really want to chill out when the sun is overhead, why not leave all the food preparation to others and book a table at a local tearoom, restaurant or pub?
After a busy day sunbathing or gardening, there’s no better way to continue your relaxation than by pulling up a chair at someone else’s table and checking out their menu.
Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional English afternoon tea, your favourite spicy supper or a hearty meal at an inn accompanied by a cooling pint of traditional ale, the Active8 area has everything covered.

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