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Photo Credit: Michael                                                                            July-September 2017: Stay Connected

                                                Stay Connected

                                                by Sonny Culbreth, Interim City Manager, Community and Recreation Services Director

                                                This edition of the CityLine is focusing on the many ways you can stay connected within our City.
                                                As Mayor Schoaf mentions in his article, even 25 years ago we did not depend on cell phones,
                                                emails, laptops or home computers to get our news and to stay in touch with one another. In
                                                today’s world, these means of communique, along with social media apps, are essential to staying
                                                connected. In this issue of the CityLine, you will not only be brought up to date on our latest
                                                technologies and how you can use them to stay connected throughout the year, you can also mark
                                                your calendars with the dates and times of our Summer Family Fun Nights at the pool, U.S.
                                                Military Flag Raisings, Oktoberfest, Youth Sports registration dates and holiday closing news.
                                                Read about the new Litchfield School District Superintendent, gain important and interesting
                                                information from Goodyear Fire, Liberty Utilities and the Historical Society. I KNOW, you are
                                                probably saying, “Can’t I find all this on the website or on the City’s social media networks?” Well, the
                                                answer is “Yes.” This issue of the CityLine, and even past issues, can be found and enjoyed on our
                                                website. What can I say, “That’s progress!” Stay connected.

                                                Bulk Pickup for Litchfield Park Residents
                                                Waste Management Service Reminder

                                                Large (bulky) items that do not fit into your outside garbage can are collected during bulk item
                                                pickup. Bulk item pickup will be the last Thursday or last Friday of your normal pick up schedule.

                                                • Place bulky items on the curb by 6am on your trash day.
                                                • Your bulk items should be able to fit in a 6 ft. by 8 ft. area, the size of the bed of a pickup

                                                     truck. For the safety of our drivers, items must weigh less than 50 pounds.

                                                • Allowable bulk items include: yard and tree clippings less than 4' in length bundled, furniture,

                                                     box springs, mattresses, carpet cut into 4' strips, appliances (FREON MUST BE REMOVED),
                                                     and other similar items.

                                                • NO electronic waste, tires, liquids, paint, batteries, commercial construction materials,

                                                     pesticides, 55-gallon drums, or other similar items will be accepted.

                                                If your bulk pickup is missed on the last Thursday/Friday of the month, call 1-888-964-9780 to
                                                schedule a courtesy pickup for the next business day. Please contact Waste Management with
                                                any questions regarding your trash, recycling, or bulk collection service. Alternatively, visit www.

                                                Welcome New Neighbors

                                                Shop Litchfield Park and help support your area businesses! Help sustain the local
                                                economy and maintain City programs and projects including
                                                parks, recreation, streets, and public safety. Please extend a
                                                “welcome” to these new Litchfield Park businesses:

                                                     Ace Hardware, Litchfield Marketplace
                                                     13820 W. Camelback Rd.

                                                     Studios of Styles, Plaza in the Park
                                                     4830 N. Litchfield Rd., Suite 106

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                                                A NEWSLETTER FOR LITCHFIELD PARK RESIDENTS
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