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Luster Products
Relaxers create uproar within the
black community
In the early 1950s Freddie J. Luster Sr. was barber on Chicago’s Southside. Realizing that relaxers were creating an uproar within the Black communi- ty, he started to provide relaxer services to his clients. As his relaxer clientele base continued to grow, he thought it wise to produce his own brand- ed relaxers. He began to mix di erent formulas in his basement. Through trial and error, he created ‘Luster’s Style Creme’ Relaxer, and from this Luster Products, Inc. was born.
Mr. Luster had a passion to care for the beautiful variation of textured Black hair, which led him to create product lines that address all hair needs.
History in the Making
Luster Products, Inc. opened its doors in 1957 and introduced
numerous brands:
1967 1978
Pink 1967
Everyone has Pink lotion at home, it’s one of the most loved brands within African American households. It’s a staple of everyday life when it comes to strengthening and moisturizing hair.
Since 1979 SCurl has
been making waves for
well-groomed men, all
over the world. We’ve
always been a game
changer, and in 2016 we expanded into grooming beards and facial hair.
Designer Touch 1982
Designer Touch was launched for Professional use in Salons. These superior salon formula- tions are for Stylists who are passionate about creating cutting edge looks.
Smooth Touch 1992
Smooth Touch was designed for style connoisseurs, changing it up often for star power.
Smooth Touch is the best new growth relaxer, developed with our Triplex
1992 2000 Shortlooks 2000
Who said wearing short hair isn’t sexy? Not Luster, we know that short styles can turn heads. ShortLooks provides high-quality products for styling and maintaining beautiful short styles – Natural or Relaxed.
YOU Be-Natural 2013
Luster knew you then, and knows you now! Over the years we have kept up with the trends, and are
now o ering YOU Be-Natural.
This line is formulated with
a potent blend of essential
oils and moisturizing
conditioners that strengthen
and protect each hair
strand. For every step of the natural hair journey,
whether you are transitioning, naturally curly or natural
and straight we have got the curly product for you.
2013 2017 Pink Kids 2016
Luster’s got parents
too! For parents
seeking products
infused with natural
ingredients, Pink Kids has the products for your naturally curly child. We want to make sure that the time spent bonding over hair care is fun and painless. And that your child’s hair is healthy and strong.
SCurl 1979
PCJ 1978
Little girls want to look good; just like Mom. PCJ was created for all hair types, and it is great for
Y EA R S 1957-2017
those seeking the trendiest healthy styles. These products were originally designed for professional salons. Today, this line lets girls achieve fashion forward styles while guaranteeing that her hair remains in its healthiest condition. It lets her  aunt her style while keeping healthy hair and continuous growth leaving Mom and Daughter delighted.
Conditioner System for high shine.

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