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Why put everything you                                                   HANSON

               have accumulated at risk?                                                  Experienced ATTORNEYS AT LAW

              A simple Will might not be

                 enough to protect your
                          loved ones.

                  Recieve a

           $750.00 gift*

      *Complimentary Family Wealth Planning Session. Call to schedule.

            Call to schedule your session

              (541) 776-3405


                  800 W. 8th Street,

                 Medford, OR 97501

                                                                                        Milan Hanson
           Estate                       Business
          Planning                    Transactions
                                                                  HANSON LEGAL ATTORNEYS strive to build
                                                                  genuine relationships with our clients. To do
                                                                  so,  we  use  flat  rate  billing  as  much  as  we  can
            Asset                      Real Estate                because  good  things  take  time.  We  don’t  want
         Protection                     Contracts                 you to worry about the time you spend with us.
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