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Stay Relevant & Engaged:

                                           Thump Local will post quality,

                                           informative custom content for

                                           your business consistently. This

                                           shows new and existing clients,
                                           as well as search engines, that

                                           your business is active online.

       Social Influencer Management

       Thump Local will help get your message out
       with the assistance of our roster of Social Media

       Influencers and by forming new relationships

       with Influencers appropriate for the promotion

       of your business’s products or services.

           70% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers in buying decisions.

           -study by Collective Bias

           Facebook is the most influential social channel per the results of the survey. 19% of consumer purchase

           decisions are influenced by Facebook posts. -study by Collective Bias

           59% of micro-influencers have reported Instagram to be the most effective medium for engaging their

           audiences. - survey by Bloglovin’
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