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Responsive Website Design

                  The World is Changing - Is Your Business Responsive?

     What is a Responsive Website?

     It is a website crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and
     navigation without resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices. If
     done correctly the site will look great and function seamlessly on mobile phones, tab-
     lets, laptops and desktop computer monitors.

     Why is a Responsive Website important?

      Consumers today are searching for local business on all different sized devices. If a
      prospective client enters your site and has difficulty reading your information or navi-
      gating, they may leave the site and continue searching.

      Where can I experience Responsive Websites?
      Visit the ‘Responsive Website Design’ page on our site to view some of our recent
      work. Since all of our website builds are responsive, simply open any of the sites and

      then shrink and expand your browser to toggle between device views.

      Website Related Services Provided:

                  Domain Name                                                   Graphic Design

       A domain name for 2 years is included with                   Our designers build quality websites and can
       any website purchased if you don’t already                   also assist you with creating or modifying
       have a domain or want a new domain. Of                       your company logo, mailing pieces, flyers or
       course we can use your existing domain name                  other ads if needed.
       as well.

                  Web Design                                                   Log In Credentials

       Custom crafted design aimed at accom-                        We can provide you with a user name, pass-
       plishing your business goals. Our clients are                word and instructions to log in to your website
       welcomed to be involved in the design pro-                   if you would like to make changes yourself.
       cess to ensure they are pleased with the
       end result.

                  Optimization                                                      Hosting

       Your site will be built properly to ensure it is             Rest assured - once your site is designed to
       search engine friendly. If the site is pur-                  your liking we can launch it live and host it on
       chased in conjunction with a SEO program it                  our server for a low monthly fee. For a
       will be optimized for your targeted key-                     slightly higher fee we will make any changes
       words.                                                       needed after the site goes live.
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