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In what neighborhoods do you typically work?
I started my Real Estate career in Miami Beach but now the bulk of my business is focused around Brickell and Downtown Miami. As my business grows so does my customer base... and by this I mean, my customers are getting married, having kids and moving to area like Miami Shores, Coral Gables and Coconut Grove which is why you can see my sales starting to rise in these areas.
What costs do I have to cover as a seller?
All together the costs are around 1-1.5% which includes Doc stamp taxes and surtax on the deed if any, Owners Policy, Title Search, Municipal Lien search, HOA/Condo Association Estoppel fees, recording fees, and Sellers attorney fees. Last thing, would be the agreed upon commission for the sale of the home.
Who else will be included in the selling process?
Once we're under contract the main point of contact will Jackie Vazquez. Her position within the team is to hand hold you through the whole process to make sure you're following the timeline of the contract. Another main part will be the designated closer. This does depend on who you decide to work with at the time of closing. I work with Florida Secured Title because of their attention to detail and their willingness to go above and beyond for all my customers.
Do you have references available?
Definitely, YES! I've been in the business long enough and have a great track record. I'd be happy to put you in touch with past customers as a reference. I'd be happy to add yourself to the reference list once we execute the sale of your home.
What type of home viewings will you organize and how does it work?
The way my team and I operate, is we have a showing coordinator available 24/7. This way we never miss the opportunity to discuss and show your property. Our showing coordinator is equipped with qualifying questions to make sure we're only scheduling "Qualified Buyers" to view your property. From here, we'll work with you as a seller or if the property is rented, work with the renter and always request enough time to get the qualified buyer through the door.
How will you negotiate a listing price with a buyers?
If the offer price is outside of the 1-3% List Price to Sold Price range, I find the best way to negotiate is not to counter and reply with "Sorry there is no counter, please tell your buyer to present their highest and best offer so the seller can take it seriously." I find the best negotiating tactic with low-ball offers is to let the Buyer Negotiate against themself. Now, if the offer comes in within the 1-3% List Price to Sold Price rage, then the approach is to build the rapport with the buyer and work with them in a way that makes them come up to the highest and best price.

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