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                                 2017 State of The Village Address

Dear fellow Trustees, Staff, Village employees, and Residents,

I would like to start by saying congratulations to John Johnson, Mark Villalpando, and Mike Rosenbaum
for their success in the April election for Trustee. John thank you for your years of service with the
Village. The financial experience and knowledge you bring to every meeting is exceptional. Mark thank
you for your service throughout the years. Your knowledge of legal and staff procedures are also noticed
at every meeting. As a young President, I depend on and learn from both of you. Thank you! Mike your
energy is amazing. Your involvement with this Board is well noticed. You are doing a great job as Public
Works Chairman. I also want to welcome Jason Eckman and Theresa Ailes to the Board. Jason, you also
bring knowledge from the business sector that helps us move forward as we continue to grow and change
as a Village. Theresa, your passion for our Village has been noticed as a concerned resident and now a
Trustee. Both of you Chair your Committee extremely well, and I also want to say thank you!

It has been an extremely busy year for the Village. The Cobble Court Commercial Property feud has
ended and is now in the hands of the Village. I am looking forward to the property being developed and
put back on the tax roll, as this is a crucial piece of our Highway 11 Corridor and also for TID # 4.The
REAL School completed construction and opened this fall. Grand Appliance chose Sturtevant to be their
new home and headquarters. Their building will be another great asset to the Renaissance Business Park.
It also has been a good year of new homes being built in 2017. It is always good to see people want to
invest their dream to build a house within the Village. Ashley Capitol and the IMET Center have plans to
expand in 2018. Dayton Freight continues with their plans to also build in the Village. Then there is
Foxconn, a name most of us never heard of prior to 2017. It is a massive project with a large projected
amount of workers and a following of additional companies coming. The Village may only have 80 acres
in the project, but I feel Sturtevant will be the one community affected the most. There will be huge
growing pains as we work through the building of this facility with its years of construction, major road
work, and eventually its workforce. This will also spark additional building of businesses and homes
within the Village. We have to be careful with our limited amount of land left to build on.

Our Police Department has been busy with large call volumes. Thank you to our Officers and Police Chief
Marschke for maintaining the increased call volume over the years. I also want to thank them for forming
the K9 program in the Village. It is a great investment to our Police Department and our Village. I also
want to give special thanks to Officer Tonia Purtee for taking on the additional responsibility for caring
and housing her partner in crime, Rhea. I foresee our Police Department having huge growing pains as the
Foxconn project will bring huge construction traffic, road work, and eventually the employee traffic. We
need to be looking ahead and be prepared to hire additional officers in the near future. Safety in this
Village has always been my number one priority. I would like to see our bike program come back in our
busy spring and summer months. Police presence in our Parks will help keep vandalism down. Interaction
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