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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We have put this book together as a more “fun”, modern, and hopefully interactive way to see what we’re up to here at Pleasanton Prosthodontics.
Our mission is two-fold:
For our colleagues, we strive to be a resource for you. Through collaboration, we want to expand everyone’s comfort levels and work to elevate patient care. I don’t believe that we need to feel alone in our practices, we are not on an “island”. When we share, we learn. Let’s get together and treatment plan!
For our patients, our mission is to enhance your quality of life by creating unique, beautiful smiles that are healthy and long-lasting. We strive to keep you comfortable and to always treat you as an individual. Excellence is our standard! Our 3D ConeBeam scanner creates limitless views of the face, neck and teeth for more complete treatment planning. Chair-side computers, noise canceling headphones, intra-oral cameras and low radiation digital x-rays all contribute to making your visit a special, stress-free experience. For many people, dental care is a journey and we’ll enjoy traveling it together...
Providing and Supporting Complex Dentistry

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