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I am not a Buddhist, but Buddhist philosophy attracts me and its art inspires
           positive thoughts and emotions within me, perhaps having its intended effect.
           At an early stage in Japan I practised yoga and Zen. Then I found that I was
           drawn to Buddhist art, especially sculpture. I particular admire Nepalese Art.
           For me, the Nepalese are the best sculptors in the world.

           Unfortunately I discovered Indian culture very late, but I find Chola bronzes
           outstanding. I chanced upon them about fifteen years ago at TEFAF. It was
           all just happenstance, there was no plan or target, or idea that I wanted to
           have a collection of South Indian bronzes. For I have never asked anybody’s
           advice about what to buy, it is always my eye that drives me. I know when
           I am looking at something outstanding. I believe in my own taste. That
           probably sounds very arrogant, because there are so many people who
           know much more than I. But it is an instinct. I think not agonising and
           inviting too many opinions has kept the process fun. I make my mind up
           very quickly. And I quickly dismiss things that I have seen before, that bore
           me. I am also driven by curiosity of mind - but it is never my head that
           makes the decision.

           It is hard to let go of these pieces gathered here for this sale. I love them.
           It would also be hard to find them again. But there comes a time in every
           collector’s life when you realise that you are just a temporary custodian of
           these objects, with their much bigger lives. I am blessed to have been in
           their company for the past decade or two. What would make me happy
           finally would be for them to come into good hands, because they deserve
           to come into good hands.

           Switzerland, January 2018

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