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  About Parental Alienation Australia Ltd
Parental Alienation Australia Ltd, trading as the Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation, is a not-for-profit organisation that is raising awareness of parental alienation. The Foundation provides self-help resources and facilitates support groups for adolescents and adults who have been alienated from a parent. It also does the same for parents who are alienated from their children.
The Foundation has a formal collaborative agreement with the University of Tasmania to conduct research aimed at further understanding the nature and prevalence of parental alienation and how it can be addressed.
The Foundation is not affiliated with any men’s rights groups, feminist groups or political lobby groups. It is a gender-neutral organisation with the protection of children and children’s rights at the heart of its mission.
Our VISION is:
•  For children to be free to love and spend time with both parents
•  For children to be free from child abuse and family violence including being manipulated by one parent to unjustifiably reject the other parent (a phenomenon currently referred to as parental alienation)
Our MISSION is to:
•  Reduce the prevalence and impact of parental alienation and its consequences in the Australian community
•  Develop promotion strategies to increase community awareness and understanding of parental alienation
•  Develop prevention strategies to reduce the prevalence of parental alienation
•  Provide information and resources about parental alienation to alienated children, alienated
parents and service providers
•  Serve our mission with empathy, respect, integrity and courage with the best interest of children at the centre of our work
•  Work collectively with other organisations, service providers and families affected by parental alienation to achieve our mission
•  Act professionally and responsibly at all times with the families and service providers who access our resources and services
Please go to this website for more information about the Foundation: And links to relevant research:
Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation

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