Page 15 - Parental Alienation Conference 2018
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 Skills for Parents
Communicating, Connecting and Coping
Amanda Sillars and Mandy Matthewson
This presentation is for practitioners working with alienated parents and alienated parents. In this presentation will we will describe the grieving process as it applies to parental alienation. We will discuss ways alienated parents can cope with parental alienation in helpful and active ways. Specifically, we will cover:
•  Positive activity scheduling
•  Relaxation strategies
•  Enhancing social support networks
•  Helpful and unhelpful ways of thinking
•  Re-investing in life despite grieving
We will discuss strategies alienated parents can use when communicating with the alienating parent such as assertive communication skills and boundary setting.
This presentation will also provide some information on how alienating parents can prepare themselves for reunification with their children. We will discuss how alienated parents can appropriately connect with their children to counteract the effects of the alienation.
 Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation

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