Page 13 - Parental Alienation Conference 2018
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 Poster Presentations
Join us for afternoon tea while you browse our display of poster presentations
Posters on display include:
Reunification of alienated parents and their adult children: A qualitative investigation
Jacinta Hickey, Sophie Ward & Mandy Matthewson
Testing a Model of Parental Alienation as a form of family violence
Nicola Davie, Jacinta Hickey, Mandy Matthewson & Sian Balmer
Comparing the lived experience of targeted parents of domestic and international parental alienation
Mandy Matthewson & Kezia Caieta Wasdell
Grandparents’ experience of parental alienation Olivia Bounds & Mandy Matthewson
Gender differences in the lived experience of parental alienation
Mandy Matthewson & Lauren Reading
Recommendations for best practice in response to parental alienation: findings from a systematic review
Mandy Matthewson, Kate Templer, Janet Haines & Georgina Cox
Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation

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