Page 14 - Parental Alienation Conference 2018
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 Professional Practice Showcase
Parent-Child Reunification-Family
Bridges Program for Alienated Children
and Families
Stan Korosi, Margaret Cherubino and Cris de Rooster
The presenters will explain the key success factors of implementing the Family Bridges Program for Alienated Children and Families (FBAC) in Australia.
Severe cases of parental alienation present unique challenges when attempting family court ordered reunification between alienated children and the parents whom they have rejected. Children who reject a parent after divorce, who refuse or resist contact with a parent, or whose contact with a parent is characterised either by extreme withdrawal or gross contempt, represent one of the greatest challenges facing courts, separated/divorced families, and the professionals who serve them.
FBAC was designed to help families whom family courts and therapists have traditionally viewed as beyond help. In such contexts, the relationship between the alienated child and their favoured/alienating parent is refractory to both conventional and modified family therapies.
The presenters will outline the FBAC program as an innovative educational and experiential program that helps unreasonably alienated children and adolescents adjust to living with a parent they claim to hate or fear. The FBAC program operates successfully in the U.S.A, Canada, South Africa and now in Australia.
The presenters will explain the key success factors of implemented FBAC in Australia; how a team of two professionals, over four consecutive days, under the authority of the family court, facilitate what the participants need to restore a normal relationship.
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