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                                                                                commute to work each day, some
                                                                                860,000 people get there on a bicycle.
                                                                                That’s a 51 percent increase from 2000
                                                                                to 2016, according to the League of
                                                                                American Bicyclists.

                                                                                Marin Tockman thinks that number
                                                                                should be much higher.

                                                                                Tockman, a native of Maine, took to
                                                                                biking as a child as a way to explore the
                                                                                outdoors where she lived. She never
                                                                                thought of bike riding as a lifestyle until
                                                                                she needed her bike to navigate the busy
                                                                                and sometimes dangerous city streets.

                                                                                When she moved to New York, she
                                                                                began balancing her career in the film
                                                                                industry with advocacy work, teaming
                                                                                up with other passionate cyclists through
                                                                                nonprofits and grassroots organizing.
                                                                                “For years, people had been looking
                                                                                for an alternative to the subway—but
                                                                                when you look down the street, it’s so
                                                                                overcrowded and congested with cars,”
                                                                                says Tockman.

                                                                                While she made advocacy a priority,
                                                                                Tockman admits that she came onto
                                                                                the cycling scene at a good time,
                                                                                when positive changes to the city’s
                                                                                infrastructure made it safer and easier to
                                                                                ride bikes on the streets. Because of the
                                                                                efforts of people like her, cities across
                                                                                the country have adopted stricter safety
              DASHING                                                           laws regarding the interaction of cyclists
                                                                                and motorists on roadways, and, overall,
                                                                                America’s largest urban centers are
              THROUGH THE                                                       becoming more bike-friendly places. The
                                                                                road to better bike safety was not always
                                                                                so clear, though.
                  BIG EASY

                                                                                Tockman traveled between New
                                              written by alexa bricker          A NEW HOME FOR BIKING
                                         photography by bobby bonsey
                                                                                Orleans and New York multiple times
                                                                                for work, and she had come to love

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