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About Blank Times Per Second/Andrew Ketterer/37 An Artsy Sandwich/Andrew Ketterer/37
An Average Night/Jenna Bresnahan/18
Beneath the Surface/Autumn Franz/13
Big Bang Concert/Emily Reeves/25 Bittersweet/Emily Musgrave/33 Come Follow/Bridget Mysliwiec/34 Dreams/Emily Reeves/14 Drowning/Autumn Franz/9 Drowning in Anxiety/Emily Kollin/26 Embrace/Jessica Merolla /10 Extremes/Emily Reeves/26
For If You Forget Me/Autumn Franz/9 Here by My Side/Alexandra DiPaolo/22 Human/Autumn Franz/22 Insomniac/Emily Musgrave/29 Looking Forward/ Alyson McAdams/1
An Average Night/Ray Gonet/24 Ablaze/Emily Kollin/15 Anxiety/Katie Stahl/3
Bear/Curtis Buher/7
Beyond/Maria Ambrose/15 Blossoming/Margeret Sutton/31 Buzzing Around/Jessica Merolla/19 Cityscape/Francis Taylor/12 Coffee/Marie Pinzone/28 Cole/Emily Dontenville/32 Conservatory/Francis Taylor/12 Creeping Vines/ Francis Taylor /3 Dance/Sophia Advent/12
Deep Sea/Emily Kollin/7 Duet/Marie Pinzone/28 Embrace/Erica Stegens/36 Enigma/Peyton Lunder/40 Football Field/Caelin McManus/27 Football/Ray Gonet/32
My Friend Through the Years/Eric Fasnacht/26 My Little Happy Place/ Kathleen Halle/5 Painter’s Strokes/ Elizabeth Byram/25
Panic of a Scatterbrained Fool/Sarah Rapacz/21 Reminiscent Dreams/Emily Licata/30 School/Zach Schloemer/38
Seasons of Friendship/Autumn Franz/29 Senior Year/Emily Licata/38
Standing on Icy Ground/Elizabeth Byram/17 Star Slinger/Jessica Merolla /5
Study Hall/ Danielle Trybala /6 Support/Jessica Merolla /2
That Was Love/Autumn Franz/10
The Almost Barbeque/ Alyson McAdams /2 The Bookshelf/Emily Musgrave/33
The Eagle and the Sparrow/ Autumn Franz /6 The Jacket/Bridget Mysliwiec/34
Gold and Blue/Francis Taylor/11 Grill/Ray Gonet/23
Hellcat/Ray Gonet/35
Hockey Player/Rosie DiRocco/39 Initials/Ru Yi Zheng /11
Junk Food Trap/Annamarie Talarico/19 Mask/Jake Sebera/27 Miniature/Monica Samboa/35
Nature Woman/Camille Couture/28 Night Sky/Alyssa Lizzini /3 Octoheart/Rosie DiRocco/39 Owl/Chloe Ochocki/16
Padua Bruins/Alainna Conroy/8
Pink Smoothie/Anthony Polizzi/11 Reflection/Caelin McManus/24 Rooting for Myself/Cole Hine/20 Sax/Cole Hine/15 Self-Portrait/Rachel Gawszawzeski/36 Soaring/Bianca Frech/15
The Land to Sand/Emily Licata/37
The Last Leg/Andrew Ketterer/38
The Love of My Life/Danielle Trybala/14
The Not’s/ Rachel George/6
The Rainbow’s End/Kristen Tomoff/33
The Snowman/Bianca Frech/13
Those Eyes/Jenna Bresnahan/18
To Me, From Me/Elizabeth Byram/17
To My Ex-Friend/Kristin Tomoff/30
To the Moon and Back/Jenna Bresnahan/33 Unexpected Love/Danielle Trybala/17 When I Sense You/Alyson McAdams /1 When Life was a Fairytale/Autumn Franz/30 Wrestling Coach/Eric Fasnacht/37
Spiral Portrait/Nick Hassing/8
Spring Bouquet/AnnMarie Talarico/15 Strain/Emily Dontenville/24
Strange Ride/Emily Kollin /23 Strings/Alexis Keltner/40
Stuck Together/Emily Dontenville/23 Sunflowers/Francis Taylor /11 Sunset/Ally DiPaolo/27 Swimmer/Caelin McManus/27 Swing/ Alyssa Medaglia/20
The Last Ice Age/Jessica Merolla/20 Thistles/Emily Dontenville/16
Toe to Toe/Victoria Sysak/3
Toward the Light/Victoria Sysak/4 Trail Ride/Caitlyn Kandzer/19
Walking on Air/Alainna Conroy/8 Winter Landscape/John Esther/16

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