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When I Sense You
The pearl white of your ever present smile,
The bronze of your glowing brown eyes,
The cobalt and crimson of your flowing flannel shirt, When I see you.
The chuckle of your giddy laugh,
The sweet words that roll off your tongue,
The smooth voice that sings to me whenever I ask, When I hear you.
The chocolaty warm drink we shared,
The delicious desserts we devour,
The salty, crunchy popcorn we scarf down, When I taste you.
The musky cologne that you wear everyday, The smelly dried up dirt on your jeans,
The strong aroma of coffee on your breath, When I smell you.
The feeling of your soft hands in mine,
The goosebumps on my skin whenever I catch sight of you, The sensation of your kiss on my cheek,
When I feel you.
When I sense you, I am home.
Alyson McAdams `16
Looking Forward
Don’t back down out of fear little one, Games like these are meant to be won. Don’t be afraid of what you do not know.
If you don’t chase, you will always be low. Take that leap of faith into this scary place And see the look you have on your face. What you learn during this transitional time Will help you on this never-ending climb. The climb of life is not always clear.
There can be moments of hate or of cheer. Learn to love and to inspire,
Reaching for your deepest desire.
When you feel beat up and defeated, Used, angry and cheated,
Remember why you are alive.
You are here to love, serve, and thrive.
Look ahead because your future is bright.
You have been given the tools so with all your might,
Build the empire that is your being.
Even though your life already has meaning,
It does not hurt to make it a little stronger.
The smile on your face will last a little longer.
Do not back down from a seemingly unwinnable challenge. God does not give us things we cannot manage.
Alyson McAdams ‘16

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