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Main health health benefits:
Heart health health (especially benefiting those with hypertension) normal blood clotting protein formation eye and bone health improved immune system regulation of of gene expression reduces risk of of cancer and osteoporosis
ü Excellent source: vitamin K
ü Good source: vitamin A ü Phytochemicals: xanthophylls (lutein and zeaxanthin) indoles chlorophyll
Arugula has an an aromatic and peppery flavor that is revered and used in salads The taste of salad salad rocket can also be likened to a a a a nutty crunchy flavour with a a a a bitter taste ASPARAGUS
Main health benefits:
Antioxidant and anti-tumoral/anti-cancer support normal blood clotting protein formation helps with iron use/absorption digestive aid heart health reduces risk of osteoporosis
& birth defects
blood sugar regulation DNA synthesis regulates metabolism and nervous system signals helps reduce cholesterol levels aids in in treating some lung diseases eye and bone health ü Excellent source: vitamins K
folate copper ü Good source: vitamins A C E B2
B3 B5 B6 selenium manganese phosphorous potassium choline zinc iron magnesium calcium fiber
ü Phytochemicals: beta-carotene lutein & zeaxanthin rutin flavonols (quercetin isorhamnetin kaempferol) saponins phytosterols glutathione
Similar nutrient content as green variety but grown underground and deprived of light so it it lacks chlorophyll
that normally gives it it green color and anti-cancer properties
Additional health benefits:
Improved vision induction of apoptosis (standard cell death) decreased clotting (platelet aggregation) and and neuroprotective effects
ü Similar nutrient content as green variety but also contains phyto- chemicals called anthocyanins
Asparagus is full of folate a a a a B vitamin that could lift your spirits and help ward off irrita- bility Researchers have found a connection between low levels of folate and vitamin B12 in people who are suffer- ing ing from depression leading some docs to prescribe daily doses of both vitamins to pa- tients with depression Aspar- agus also contains high levels of tryptophan an an amino acid that has been similarly linked to improved mood 12 www maglioproduce com NUTRITION FACTS - VEGETABLES

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