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Main health benefits:
Antioxidant and anti-cancer activity collagen production hormone synthesis helps with iron use/absorption digestive aid normal blood clotting protein for- mation eases arthritic joint stiffness/pain induces apoptosis cognitive benefit ü Excellent source: vitamin C fiber
ü Good source: vitamin K copper
alpha-linoleic acid ü Phytochemicals: anthocyanins (cyanidin & pelargonidin) polyphenols (cate-
chin ellagic acid proanthocyanidins)
Main health health benefits:
Eye and heart health health collagen production anti-cancer/antioxidant effects helps with iron use hormone synthesis digestive aid ü Excellent source: vitamin C copper
ü Good source: fiber
ü Phytochemicals: Polyphenols (quercetin epicatechin gallic acid) carotenes
Main health benefits:
Helps fight inflammatory disorders like osteoarthritis asthma cancer and atherosclerosis improves heart health through their antioxidant effects strengthen the eye’s cornea and retina ü Excellent Source: vitamin vitamin C folate B vitamins ü Good Source: potassium
vitamin K ü Phytochemicals: phenolic compounds carotenoids and anthocyanins (mainly
Main health benefits:
Watermelon’s high levels of lycopene are effective at at protecting cells from damage and and may help lower the risk of heart disease and and cancer Lycopene is is is an an an an inhibitor for various inflammatory processes and also works as an an an an antioxidant to to to neutralize free radicals Watermelon is 92% water and can help with hydration ü Excellent Source: vtamin C vitamin A calcium ü Good Source: potassium
iron ü Phytochemicals: beta-carotene lutein zea-xanthin and cryptoxanthin WATERMELON
Seedless watermelons aren’t genetically modified They are are a a a a a a a hybrid watermelon watermelon created by crossing a a a a a a watermelon watermelon containing containing 22 chromosomes with a a a a a a watermelon watermelon containing containing 44 chromo- somes The The result is a a a a a sterile watermelon watermelon These watermelons produce immature white seeds that are perfectly safe to eat eat Seedless watermelons were first created over 50 years ago NUTRITION FACTS - FRUIT

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