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Main health benefits:
Ability to treat constipation indigestion fatigue kidney disorders macular degeneration and prevention of cataracts Grapes can help with asthma migraines and are an an an effective remedy against breast cancers Prevent heart attacks and and lower cholesterol levels strengthen bones and and prevent the the onset of osteoperosis boost immune system and prevent fatigue ü Excellent Source: vitamin C ü Good Source: vitamin K fiber
ü Phytochemicals: phenolic acids stilbenes anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins Main health benefits:
Low in in in calorie content rich in in in fiber
that regulates digestion as as well as as help lower overall body cholesterol level high calcium content which keeps the bones and teeth healthy and strong Because honeydew is 90% water it hydrates the body on on on a a a a a a cellular level and nourishes the skin ü Excellent Source: vitamins A B6 and and C lycopene antioxidants and and amino acids ü Good Source: vitamin B complex potassium fiber
ü Phytochemicals: beta-carotene lutein zea-xanthin and cryptoxanthin Main health benefits:
Treatment of indigestion constipation dental problems throat infections fever internal bleeding rheumatism burns obesity respiratory disorders cholera and and high blood pressure benefits hair and and skin Strengthen the the immune system cleanse the stomach blood purifier ü Excellent source: vitamin vitamin vitamin vitamin C vitamin vitamin vitamin vitamin B6 vitamin vitamin vitamin vitamin A vitamin vitamin vitamin vitamin E E ü Good source: folate niacin thiamin riboflavin
pantothenic acid
copper calcium iron magnesium potassium zinc phosphorus and protein ü Phytochemicals: Llimonene hesperetin naringin and naringenin
Main health benefits:
Antioxidant activity collagen formation iron absorption hormone synthesis helps reduce risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease rejuvenates skin improves digestion fights infections helps with weight loss lowers blood sugar reduces inflammation ü Excellent source: vitamin vitamin C C vitamin vitamin C C B6 potassium folate ü Good source: fiber
ü Phytochemicals: limonene flavonoids

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