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Main health benefits:
Grape tomatoes are full of beneficial fiber Fiber in in in in the the diet aids the the intestines ü Excellent source: vitamin vitamin C biotin molybdenum and vitamin vitamin K ü Good source: copper potassium manganese dietary fiber vitamin A (in the form
of beta-carotene) vitamin vitamin B6 folate
niacin vitamin vitamin E and phosphorus
ü Phytochemicals: phytoene phytofluene beta-carotene
flavonoids carotenoids lycopene lycopene quercetin polyphenols kaempferol
lycopene lycopene Main health benefits:
Cherry tomatoes contain lycopene an an an antioxidant that lowers your risk of certain diseases caused by cellular damage The compounds in cherry tomatoes might offer protection against osteoporosis skin damage caused by ultraviolet light and brain disorders ü Excellent source: Vitamin B-6
ü Good source: Vitamin Vitamin A Vitamin Vitamin C ü Phytochemicals: phytoene phytofluene beta-carotene
flavonoids carotenoids Botanically speaking the the tomato is a a a a a fruit but in in 1893 the the U S S Supreme
Court in order to to to clear up a a a a a a tariff dispute ruled the tomato a a a a a a vegetable because merchants had customarily treated as such In the United States the the tomato is the the second most produced ‘vegetable’ after potatoes 888-4-PRODUCE

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