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INTRODUCTION As we continue to to grow our our business Maglio Companies has strived to to lead our our industry in in in in educating and and connecting with our our customers on on the health benefits of our our products and and the the places that they come from By integrating education sustainability and convenience into our our business model we have been able to to to truly inspire our our customers with the plentiful benefits that our products provide This document is is not only an essential tool for learning the nutritional values and and growing facts of of some of of our products but for an an an understanding of what it all all really means to YOU We at Maglio Companies believe our products are part of an an overall health conscious community The products we carry are vital to to the complex needs of our bodies’ ability to to retain and and and apply vitamins and and and minerals to everyday life We have gathered examined and and and organized the the most current and and reliable research to clearly and and accurately demonstrate the the healthfulness of of each and and and every fruit and and and vegetable we offer It is vital to understand that these findings findings are are constantly evolving however our findings findings are are supported with only recent and and verified sources such as scientific journals and and magazines current university publica- tions nutrition textbooks and government-sponsored websites From our humble beginnings in in in 1902 the vision we laid out for Maglio Companies was to offer our customers the finest freshest safest and uniquely grown produce anywhere—all while taking care of our our environment and our our people Our goal with this manual is is to present you you with real facts and and tools to to help you you live a a a a a a a happier healthier and and longer life!
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