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Before storing herbs in in in in the the the fridge wrap them them in in in in a a a a a a slightly damp paper towel and put them them in in in in a a a a a a ziplock bag bag Make sure the the the bag bag still has a a a a a a a a a little bit of of air inside Place it it it in in the the the warmest part of of the the the refrigerator or or or or cooler When you’re ready to to use your herbs cut away any wilted or or or or discolored leaves Fresh herbs do not have a a a a a a long shelf life and should be used as as soon as as possible WASHING
Wash your herbs only if you you are going to to use them them immediately otherwise store them them in refrigerator unwashed Fill a a a a a a bowl with cold water water and place the the the herbs inside Gently move them around the the the water water to remove dirt If there is a a a a significant amount of of sediment at the the the the bottom of of the the the the bowl dump the the the the water and give give the the the herbs herbs another rinse Gently pat the the the herbs herbs dry using a a a a a a paper towel or give give the herbs a a a a whirl in in a a a a salad spinner CHOPPING
Whether you you are throwing your herbs into a a a food processor or or chopping them by hand ensure that the the the blade blade you are using is is sharp A dull blade blade will bruise the the the herbs and change the the the color of the leaves from a a a a a a a a vibrant green to a a a a a a a a dull black Scissors can also be used if you are not concerned about achieving small uniform pieces For maximum flavor chop chop herbs herbs as as finely as as possible The finer you you chop chop your herbs herbs the more oil is released and and the the more fragrant the the herb herb will become Delicate herbs like parsley and and cilantro should be be be chopped right before use as the aroma will be be be lost quickly It is is often recommended to add more delicate herbs after you have taken the the dish off the the heat or or right before serving 888-4-PRODUCE

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