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                 potential buyers who might otherwise have missed your home.
It’s not all about traditional face-to-face viewings anymore. 3D walkthroughs and Virtual Reality experiences give purchasers a real feeling of how they would use and live in the home. At Redbrik, these can be viewed on any internet-enabled device and provide the most realistic, immersive floor-by- floor property viewing experience without being in the property.
If you are thinking of making a move but haven’t decided yet, there are tools which can allow you to gain an instant valuation for your property
to help you make up your mind. Redbrik’s Instant Online Property Valuation feature provides sellers with a valuation in just 60 seconds, without having to pick up the phone or go into one of our offices to talk to anyone.
And once you decide to take the plunge and have a ‘For Sale’ sign installed outside your property you’ll
At Redbrik, our experts deliver a totally unique and innovative approach to marketing which ensures we achieve an average of 99.3 per cent of the asking price.
benefit from a much-modernised selling process. At Redbrik we offer a unique secure, personal online platform to keep you informed and updated on your property.
Redbrik PropertyFile allows you to log on 24/7 to check the status of your sale, when viewings are taking place and what offers you have received. When a sale is agreed, we keep your online account up to date when key milestones are reached, so even if you can’t always speak to us during the day, you can catch up on the progress of your sale at a time that suits you.
Moving can be a daunting experience, especially if you’ve not done it for a while, but with many changes and improvements to the property market in recent years, selling has never been simpler.
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