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Paul Brown-Constable Esq; Flat 7, Mitre House
124 King's Road,
London SW3 4TP
9th Floor
Metro Building
1, Butterwick Hammersmith London W6 8DL Tel: 02088462705
7 July 2016
Dear Mr Brown-Constable,
Mitre House Management Limited
We have been patient in allowing you additional time to answer questions, even though they could have been answered very simply and quickly. I am prepared to wait until 6pm on Friday 8 July 2016 (but not any longer) to allow you to answer two very simple questions which still remain unanswered.
You have told me that the total amount charged by MHML to the lessees in respect of the re- furbishment was £31,765.21. As you insist you have nothing to hide, my questions are:
(a) How much was charged by you personally to MHML for the work you did on the refurbish- ment? (reply) I don’t consider that a valid query (see comment at end of doc).
(b) What profit did MHML make on the £31,765.21 it charged to the lessees for the refurbish- ment? In other words what was the difference between the £31,765.21 it charged to the lessees and the total amount paid by MHML to its sub-contractors? (reply) I don’t consider that a valid query. (see comment at end of doc).
Our information from Tony Smith is that you were not in fact, as you have claimed, working as a sub-contractor of AR Lawrence or under their supervision. They may have seen what you were doing, but they were not responsible for it in the way you suggest. However if you wish to send me your contract or engagement with AR Lawrence, or your invoice to them, or other in- formation which might contradict Mr Smith's [Mr. White’s perjured satement..? one pre- sumes] evidence, I would be content to review it.
(reply) I cannot recall ever saying MHML were a sub-contractor of AR Lawrence or in- deed anybody else. In fact I did say we had purposefully avoided any sub-contractor loadings by main contractors. As regards “under supervision”, I think it can be very easily established that I was doing a great deal of odd works both prior to the works, during the works and indeed after the works all of which were “under the noses of if not under the supervision of” both AR Lawrence, our Surveyor, and as well established var- ious lessees, including Mrs Hillgarth who is on record, along with one other lessee, of complaining!
Your reference to “a contract” or [letter of] engagement is puerile under the circum-
PFC Begg

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