36_PBC to Begg OCR_14-6-16 (6pp)
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Paul Brown-Constable Esq; Flat 7, Mitre House
124 King’s Road,
London SW3 4TP
14 May 2016
Dear Mr Constable,
Mitre House Management Limited
I acknowledge receipt of your letters dated 18,25, 27 and 28 May, and your latest letter dated 10 June.
As you seem so confident that you have not misused the leaseholders funds, may I, for the last time, ask you to provide the relevant invoices we have requested.
(reply) If my 200 odd pages of reply correspondence with supporting evidence hasn’t convinced you we have not misused leaseholder’s funds, nothing will, including your requested perusal of the relevant invoices which total £105,877.
References to AR Lawrence’s Tony White’s Witness Statement (admittedly not communicated to me until late today) simply confirms in some useful detail what you have been told (with one or two discrepancies further explained below), and exactly what was communicated to lessees 2012- 2014, and exactly what was posted on our website and exactly as described in detail in our correspondence since your letter of 23 March 2016
The one or two discrepancies we take umbrage with are as follows:
a) reference to avoiding/not paying/delaying the snagging final invoice of £1590.
Both the Contractor and our Surveyor were all simply awaiting dry weather as the main works entailed the re-solar silvering on the roof and a few other items all best done concurrently...this can be reconfirmed with Tony White and or our Surveyor with whom I only spoke about it a month or two ago! I can’t recall or have references to any two lists of snagging requests made to Tony White – I received, as did Tony White, our Surveyor’s snagging list on 17 December 2014 (copy attached) and that’s the only one I can recall... I replied to ONE request for payment (only one) on 8 September 2015 (copy attached) and it was fully accepted as OK – I can’t recall any refusal to pay, or implication to not pay ever – in fact I met with Foreman Eddie to discuss snagging works earlier this year when the ruddy weather improves in the Spring. It never did and still isn’t dry enough to guarantee a few days of required dry weather for the solar painting to be applied to the whole roof area. Foreman Eddie will confirm I’m sure. I do remain somewhat suspicious of
PFC Begg
9th Floor
Metro Building
1, Butterwick Hammersmith London W6 8DL Tel: 020 8846 2705

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