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From: Graffiti Editions Ink / Designers studio@graffiti.biz Subject: Re: Mitre House/Michele Hillgarth/PFC Begg (Solicitor)
Date: 25 March 2016 at 00:04 To: MHillgarth@GMail.com
Cc: Karupiah Segar segar_9@hotmail.com, Jamil Raja J.Raja@jraja.co.uk Bcc: Lorna Raby lornaraby@icloud.com
Michele -
Despite your warning of not wishing to respond to any communication, I would strongly suggest you reconsider with reference to what would appear to be inflammatory innuendos communicated to your Mr. Begg whom one imagines is totally unaware of your previous history of dealing with various Managing Agents and presently being perpetrated on the present Managing Agents.
I note from your Solicitor’s pdf no mention of the well documented breaches of your lease obligations - once those are addressed we will make further comment regarding queries, all of which have a) already been addressed in numerous emails and b) are simply repeats of your usual scurrilous and unfounded accusations.
No further comment nor response will be entertained until we receive confirmation that you have complied in full with your lease covenants as well indicated to you on previous multiple occasions.
I suggest you forward this reply to your Solicitor as I certainly will not qualify such a ridiculous set of accusations with a reply until such time as you have fully complied with your lease covenants.
Any delay in payment of your March 2016 Quarterly Demands will result in yet a further letter from our Solicitors to that you have previously received in 2015 when previously in arrears, with resultant costs to you.
If proof were ever needed of your deviousness, contrariness and disloyalty one only has to refer back to a) your tardiness and selfish attitude whilst we were attempting to incorporate Mitre House Management Limited in mid 2011, b) your extraordinary and futile attempt at an RTM whilst remaining a director of Mitre House Management Limited (leaving aside having advised lessees in 2011 that a proposed freehold purchase was not possible due to the 25% rule which was also a requirement of attempting an RTM in 2013) and c) your constant, repetitive and ongoing complaining. querying, conniving and mischievous gossip and innuendo to lessees, our freeholder, our freeholder’s agents, previous Agents and without doubt Mitre House Management Limited - it never ends and has now culminated in your venomous recollections to Mr. Begg. Your varied accusations and innuendos are, as you have been advised previously with supporting documents and references, totally unsubstantiated fantasies brought about by your pathological dislike of myself and having nothing whatsoever to do with the management and maintenance of Mitre House.
Our 10 year analysis of Mitre House Service Charges disproves any of your ludicrous assertions communicated to Mr. Begg. I would suggest Mr. Begg visits Mitre House and then makes his own evaluation as to good or bad, honest or dishonest, adequate or superb Management.... in fact if he has not already visited Mitre House, his 13pp pdf is as valid as your infantile innuendos.
Paul Brown-Constable / +44 207 589 7502 Mbl: +44 798 33 33 543 on behalf of the Directors of
7 Mitre House / 124 Kings Road / Chelsea / London SW3 4TP www.mitrehouse.org / email: management@mitrehouse,org

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