28_PBC email to RBK&C_8-6-16 (2pp)
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From: Graffiti Editions Ink / Designers studio@graffiti.biz Subject: The Begg Affair/Michel Hillgarth etc
Date: 8 June 2016 at 16:28
To: steve.belafonte@rbkc.gov.uk
Bcc: Brown-Constable Paul Neville studio@graffiti.biz, Raby Lorna lornaraby@mac.com
Dear Mr. Belafonte,
Many thanks for your time this morning and I was very grateful for your patience.
I promised to find that one email you showed me from Mrs Hillgarth, dated 29 September 2014 @ 15.32h and let you see my reply by return at 17.08h same evening.
It’s the attached pdf marked A_Begg-Hillgarth_(5) (and please excuse some of the language used, since profusely apologised for (we have all known each other for over 30 years) but after the years arguing
with this particular sub-letting lessee and whilst desperately trying to get the works progressed I was nearing my wits end...literally )
Might I suggest that any reference made by Mr Begg to requests to me for invoices from other lessees (not Schedule of Works, analysis of tender costs etc), which he has made to date, that he must supply exact email references so I can either agree or refute as I have been doing to date. We have made clear that we have only ever received ONE single request for invoices in five years and that was from Mrs Hillgarth in her 17 December 2015 email. There have been no others as the request from Mr Fortunati dated 17 December 2015 (instigated as usual by Mrs Hillgarth)
marked B_Begg-Hillgarth_(9) pdf is NOT in any way a request for invoices and was answered comprehensively and factually.
Also attached is the Schedule Of Works marked C_Schedule of Works which was drawn up by our Surveyor and the basis of all tenders received including those from Mrs Hillgarth’s independently sourced quote.
Copies were sent to any lessee who requested including Mrs Hillgarth who requested at least four. It was also published on our website for all to see and advised as such to all lessees.
Also attached is the item by item breakdown/analysis of all Schedule of Works costs from all tenders received
marked D_analysis Quotes which was advised to all lessees including Mrs Hillgarth along with an explanation as to how to read an item on the breakdown/analysis whilst referencing the same item in the Schedule of Works. Email attachments were also sent to lessees including Mrs Hillgarth and on put our website.
I do have on file email correspondence to evidence the above and Mr Begg has also received full evidence. All documents were also available on our website which was also made clear to all lessees (http://www.mitrehouse.com/quotes---costs.html). The website was updated regularly with all information, correspondence from Surveyor/all Tender costs, Schedule of Works, all misc quotes received, alternative quotes from lessees, special situation expenditure, Water Tank and TVSky install, all s.20 notices (including those withdrawn, aborted, approved), full tender analysis, alternative tender analyses etc etc - in fact every single item that any lessee might wish to peruse, compute, query etc - we never received one request, only Mrs Hillgarth saying it was useless!
If I had a pound for every time Mrs Hillgarth queried/complained/accused me of not supplying documents, information, answering queries etc, I’d be rich. She simply would not accept replies or do as directed.
Finally, to confirm that this morning I showed you her lease with the statutory 6 month clause, her Quarterly Demands with the statutory clause in place, our YE2014 Accounts dated 30 May 2015 (with Accountants certification and invoice) and Mrs Hillgarth’s 17 December 2015 email requesting sight of certain documents, namely those relevant to the expenditure of the 2014 Internals/Externals works totalling £105,877
As I explained, we had initially, despite the fact her request was 17 days outside of the statutory 6 month limit, still offered to bike over to Mr Begg the requested documents, but it remained unacknowledged.
You already have a copy of Mr Begg’s 13pp letter to myself dated 23 March 2016 which makes various serious accusations against myself and Mitre House Management Limited, all of which required very comprehensive reply/denial/evidence, which I did and requested confirmation that we were telling the truth and had disproved the various accusations. None has been forthcoming to date and as such, due to Mrs Hillgarth’s 17 December 2015 email request for invoices (to which I replied saying I would be on a Christmas break till New Year) was outside of the statutory 6 month period, we have withheld the documents as we are advised we are not legally obliged to now supply them. And we were advised to get confirmation that our correspondence and explanations fully evidenced and disproved the serious accusations, without which we remained unfairly in disgrace!
We will consider our position once we do receive the confirmations that the various accusations were false as we have proved. If not proved satisfactorily, we requested Mr Begg advises so we can progress the matter further to a
satisfactory conclusion for all concerned. And do please note that everything above, everything that I showed you

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