33_PBC email to RBK&C_14-6-16 (1pp)
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From: Graffiti Editions Ink / Designers studio@graffiti.biz Subject: The Begg Affair/Mrs Hillgarth etc
Date: 14 June 2016 at 15:47
To: steve.belafonte@rbkc.gov.uk
Bcc: Brown-Constable Paul Neville studio@graffiti.biz
Dear Mr. Belafonte,
Hopefully you did receive my email as promised subsequent to our meeting on Wednesday 8 June around midday.
I would be grateful if you could peruse the attached copy letter being our Solicitor’s opinions (from page 2 is relevant to our conversation).
This letter was sent to Mrs Hillgarth yesterday 13 June recorded delivery and was confirmed as received safely. Yours gratefully,
Paul Brown-Constable
Paul Brown-Constable / +44 207 589 7502 Mbl: +44 798 33 33 543 on behalf of the Directors of
7 Mitre House / 124 Kings Road / Chelsea / London SW3 4TP www.mitrehouse.com / email: management@mitrehouse.com
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