Court Maunder 5-6-17
P. 1

From: Paul Brown-Constable
Subject: MITRE HOUSE SW3 LON/00AW/LAM/2017/0011 BRMT / CHC
Date: 5 June 2017 at 11:52
To: Bruce R. Maunder Taylor Cc: Burrow Jillian
Dear Mr. Maunder Taylor,
You do appear to have been somewhat pre-emptive with your assertions (in your email dated 22 May “there has still been no disclosure) whilst remaining somewhat tardy with your obligations (“The proposed Manager’s Management Plan has not quite been completed [30 May 2017] and that will be forwarded to you [Ms J Burrow] as soon as it has been completed”.
I would remind you that both the Tribunal and ourselves are expecting “the proposed Manager’s CV & Fees” as stated quite clearly in the initial directions which should have been included in your bundle by 2 June 2017. it was not and remains overdue.
I also note that despite your comment and request in your email of 19 May 2017 and my clear reply of same date, the bundle delivered to ourselves and one presumes the Tribunal did NOT include the full set of folders and documents we initially supplied to you on 19 May which does require ourselves to further advise the Tribunal of documents supplied but not forwarded to the Tribunal in your Bundle - and we note the insertion of a Witness Statement from Mr Leigh Pemberton, which like that of Mr Tony White and Mrs Hillgarth, is again obtuse in it’s observations which no doubt the Tribunal will hopefully concur once the hundreds of documents you have not supplied them with but thankfully we have, are perused and taken note of.
In my ignorance, I have no idea as to whether the Tribunal refers to your bundle or mine or both - god forbid!
As regards your also obtuse demand for accounts' documents 2014 to date, have you any idea what a meal Mrs Hillgarth will make of so many and so much? In fact she already has copies of all bank statements from 11 November 2011 to May 2014 as the Minutes of 23 May 2014 well indicate).
As an example - I suggest you peruse the attached copy of her email of 24 October 2016 (03_PDF) in the knowledge that she was advised (as Mr Begg was) not once, not twice but three times that £2153 was saved from the Water Tank/TVSky installs yet she still attempts accusations of impropriety, made even more bizarre by her other computations in the again certain knowledge (or should have if she had perused the 2014 Accounts) that £21,105 remained in the bank resulting after debtors/creditors of £16,201 remaining in Reserves to be carried forward into 2015.
As we have made clear to the Tribunal, it is only the 2014 Accounts that are referred to in the S.22 Notice as being allegedly contentious and to bring in all accounts to date is a total irrelevance to the case in hand and has no bearing on the various accusations made in the S.22 Notice nor the three Witness Statements you are relying on, including underwear, Police visits etc
As pointed out to Mr. Begg, had his 23 March 2016 been a simple request for documents as opposed to a thirteen page diatribe of mischief and had he been in good health to receive, we would not be wasting the Tribunal’s time today. Your demand for Accounts 2014 to date is making the same error especially once Mrs Hillgarth starts her computations! I can see a six month adjournment without fail...?
Unaware as I am of the correct protocol, but I doubt the Tribunal will expect me to meet a deadline of 8th June to get three and a half years of accounts' documents over to you having only received their Direction To Disclose on Saturday 3rd June and my request to revise it hand delivered on Sunday 4th June especially with the country on high alert and a General Election on the 8th .
So if I may, I will await the Tribunal’s hoped for revision of their Order and no doubt you, too, will be advised accordingly. In the meantime do please ignore Mrs Hillgarth’s disparaging remarks concerning our website as it did, it does, it always has done contain every fact and figure she’s been belittling for 36 months but seemingly incapable of navigating for her enlightenment. I’ll even throw this in for goodwill whilst we await the Tribunal’s decision and hoped for receipt of your overdue CV & Fees.
Follow this link: (which I might add has been up on our website since 3 April 2016 had anybody had the good sense to follow our multiple references to properly peruse as opposed to insisting on its destruction! - further collateral damage I would propose).
Yours sincerely,
Paul Brown-Constable cc Ms. J. Burrow

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