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   The owner strides to keep up with Bowser, then must stand about and wait for some sniffs and the perfect place to do business. Most owners pick up and continue their walk swinging a plastic bag of poop.
However, others may be lax. Owners watch carefully when walkers approach from the opposite direction. Is it friend or foe? Fasten the leash? Usually it’s friendship and play. “What’s his name?” “How old is she?” “What kind?” Then they continue the stroll. “Good boy!” “Good girl!”
   The original Unicorns at Camporee
‘They got another ribbon?’
By Ella Jacobs
“Heck ya we did.”
“How many do you have now?”
 “I think that was eight. Plus one first place overall ribbon.”
 Some asked, “Can the girls really do it? Can they keep up with the boys?” I am very happy to say that I can answer, “Yes!” with much pride in my voice.
When I was in fifth grade, the original Unicorns and I won second overall
at Camporee. This year, I was a little nervous going into the weekend of competitions because I was hungry to come back and prove that we did have what it takes to win once again. However, this year I was coming back with a whole new group of girls and the title of officially being a Scout. I had a whole new set of things to accomplish and an entire new thing inside of me saying, “We have to do this. Not just for me but for everyone out there. For all of the little girls in Cub Scouts watching us. We have to do this for everyone who said we couldn’t. For everyone who said we could. We have to. It’s go time. It’s time to prove to people that we indeed can be one of the boys.”
The Unicorns have had a busy last couple of months. They rocked Camporee (the annual, friendly, Scout skills competition) in April. The girls competed in fourteen events, won eight of them, as well as first place overall. Camping at Fort Ross was another highlight. Once the gates close to the public at 4:00 p.m., we had the Fort to ourselves, which was pretty cool! We’ve spent a lot of time practicing map and compass skills. We’ve gone on hikes and are working on our outdoor cooking skills. Our next big adventure is summer camp in Oregon!
I am not sure how to describe how it felt when they announced that we had won first place overall. I mean, how does one describe a dream coming true besides the absolute best thing in the world? It turns out that with just a little bit of running from station to station, and quite a bit of encouragement and yelling on my part, the new Unicorns could indeed do it once again.
As their Scoutmaster, its so gratifying to watch these girls come together. Their patrol yell at Camporee was epic. (There’s a video on our Facebook page.) Its been hard, this dream of having girls join Boy Scouts. At Camporee, I was approached by one of the biggest opponents to co-ed membership. I’ll admit to feeling more than a little nervous as I saw him walking towards me. But I stood my ground and greeted him. As he shook my hand, he simply said, “You were right all along.” I thanked him; told him it truly meant a lot to me to have him say that. And I waited until he walked a distance away before jumping up and down for joy.
Well, we actually did it better. First place overall. FIRST!
I have always kept a quote in my mind:
“If a dream doesn’t scare you then it’s not big enough.”
My dream of actually being a Scout and fighting for that for sure did scare me. But I know now it was worth it. Every single bit of what I went through was worth it. And it always will be. I will never forget what I have accomplished.
Have you ever had an idea, a dream, that a lot of folks called you crazy for? Did you continue to believe in your dream? Did you continue to believe even when your idea really upset people? What happened to your idea when people told you that you’re crazy . . . or said even worse things? What did you do? Did you persevere?
And that’s why you need to join us!!! We’re having outdoor adventures, learning Scout skills and making friends along the way. If you are looking for a place where your girl can grow in so many ways, surrounded by positive peers and adults who will encourage and guide her along to her own personal successes, The Unicorns of Troop 55 is the place to be!!!
That’s the story of the Unicorns. . . an idea and perseverance. Our idea was that girls should be allowed to join Boy Scouts. Believe me, that thought made plenty of people upset! But we persevered. And, voila!! Here we are . . . a bunch of girls in Boy Scout Troop 55.
Come join us and start your adventure!
Danelle Jacobs
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