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   After an extraordinary several days of heavy rainfall in mid-May, the sun
is shining again on the majestic redwoods outside of my cosy cyber-hut! Almost 5” was recorded in my rain gauge! It is so green around here that I am reminded of both Ireland and Vermont.
I hang my head in shame. I was remiss in last month’s column: I could have reminded y’all that the Camp Meeker Volunteer Fire Department was having its annual Pancake Breakfast on May 26. I could have reprised all the familiar themes: The delicious breakfast, the wondrous pancake cooking machine, the splendiferous raffle prizes, the clean and shiny red fire trucks, and let us not forget the jump house. I could have told you all of that, but when writing the last column, a brain cramp did occur. Mea maxima culpa. Hopefully all you OG Camp Meekerites picked me up and headed on down there anyway without me to remind you, because that’s just how you roll.
Speaking the Fire Department, there are going to be changes—not in Camp Meeker per se, but in the reporting structure above it. Since 1993, the 11 volunteer fire departments in the County have been managed by the Sonoma County Fire and Emergency Services (SCFES) Departments, Fire Operations Division, which provides training and personal protective equipment to more than 250 Volunteer Fire Fighters across the county. Other divisions within SCFES were devoted to fire prevention, administration, hazardous materials, and emergency management. All of those Divisions were put to the ultimate test by the wildfires of 2017, and—at least according to a report from the statewide Office of Emergency Services—found wanting. Not the first responders, mind you, but the administrators who were responsible for alerting the population and coordinating the overall response. Cutting to the chase, the County Board of Supervisors agreed with a consensus of County Fire Agencies that a change was needed, and SCFES will soon be no more, like so many battered Westerosi nobles in the just-concluded Game Of Thrones. SCFES’ responsibilities will be parceled out among various county agencies. What of the Fire Operations Division? The exact shape of that outcome is still being determined, but the upshot is that large regional Fire Departments like Gold Ridge will be taking some nearby VFD’s under their wing. Camp Meeker and Occidental may find themselves joining forces, but I stress that nothing has been decided yet. More on these stories as they develop.
While I’m on the subject, Fire Safe Camp Meeker (FSCM)
is now bona fide: FSCM has partnered with the Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District (GCRCD) and Fire Safe Sonoma (FSS) in the writing of grant proposal to Cal Fire for the creation of a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), about which I have written in previous columns. The good news here is that the grant has been funded. Well done, lads and lasses! Well done! In an even more intensely local development, I received my second inspection visit from Cal Fire. In their first visit, I accumulated a skein of check marks, recommending things I could do to make my home more defensible against a wildfire. After my initial “this is too HARD” pout had run its course, I set to work. Although I was not present during the inspection, the written report I received was very positive and helpful, noting areas where I had done some work, and highlighting the remaining area: trimming those pesky low-hanging branches from that giant redwood looming over the roof. Despite my fears of big Gummint lording it over me, the whole exchange seemed very helpful and constructive. I am grateful.
The end of the school year at the Montgomery Elementary is June 6th, with
7 students graduating at 7 p.m. on June 5th. I congratulate them all for their achievement and wish them the best as they continue on to high school at El Molino. The Booster’s Club will host a picnic and pool party at the Rio Nido Lodge. Please call the school office at 632 5221 for kindergarten and transitional kindergarten enrollment. For info re the Stars pre-school at MES,please call 865 0225.
The next meeting of the Cazadero Community Club will be on Tuesday, June 4th-7 p.m. at Firehall #1. Please join your neighbors in helping to plan events which benefit the entire community. The upcoming bi-annual Old Tyme BBQ will be held on Sunday, September 1st, from 12-5 at the Cazadero Peforming Arts Camp. Many volunteers are needed to make this year’s BBQ go smoothly. Meal tickets for steak or chicken will be available online or from club members.The famous pie baking contest, Bingo, dessert table organized by the Cazadero Community Church (including some pie contest entries), music, beer and wine offered by the Cazadro Volunteer Fire Department and more! The Club will once award scholarships to Cazadero graduates of El Molino High School. We like the grads to know that their town is behind them as they continue their education!
Don’t forget the fabulous Recycle Circus/Rummage and craft sale on Saturday, June 8th from 9-4 in downtown Caz! Only $10.per space which benefits the lovely Sky Garden. Call Cathy at 632-5743 or email schezer@ to sign up.
Also upcoming is the fabulous St. Colman’s Guild’s Salad Luncheon, at noon on Saturday, July 13th at the Firehall. Delicious food, great raffle and a wonderful atmosphere!
Save the date-Saturday, July 27th, 3 p.m. at the Monte Rio Community Center, for “Come to Know the Poets”, an afternoon with readings by 4 local poets (names next month), food and music, hosted by our own local poet, Sashana Kane-Proctor. Call 632-5761 for info.
Long-time Austin Creek resident Judith Heinemann writes with concern for the king snakes sunning themselves in the middle of the road! Please do be aware of them. She is also pointing out the rather wanton approach of PG&E regarding removal of “problem” trees. Dead trees are one thing, live trees not posing an imminent threat to power lines should be left in place!
Celebrate Father’s Day on June 16th by shopping and eating locally! Delicious California/New Orleans food at Cape Fear, pizza and music on Friday Nights at Raymond’s Bakery, sweet and savory baked goods,
tacos on the spacious back deck and great coffee at Gold Coast Cafe, the
Blue Heron’s fish and chips, along with Sunday live music are all enticing. Remember Cazadero Supply’s 1st Saturday 15% Discount Day for household, garden and vehicular items to assist you with those ongoing projects. Visit Caz Central for unique locally-made art work. Both the Cazadero and Duncans Mills general stores have an abundance of daily groceries and locally-produced meats, wine and body care products,too. Treats and Toys, next to the Duncans Mills P.O. is open again,with their tasty candies and cute gifts. The Duncans Mills Tea Shop has delicious teas and tea-related gift items.
Speaking of gratitude, you might want to venture down to Camp Meeker Beach. There you will find a bench, with a plaque. I was present at
the unveiling of said bench and plaque this Sunday. The bench represents a Lifetime Achievement Award of sorts for Board Member Emeritus Cathie Castle Anderson. Cathie has been a pillar of the Camp Meeker community
I wish Kimmi of Food for Humans a wonderful retirement!
The store has been an integral part of Guerneville and the west county for over 30 years and will be missed. I always have said that they have the nicest public restroom in town!
for an undisclosed number of years, with many of those on the Park and Rec Board, and the number of projects she has been involved with is too long to list here. Cathie is still very much around, and still in fine fettle, and she was there along with friends and family members to watch the bench unveiled. As Park and Rec Director Gary Helfrich noted, the bench is in a “very strategic location”, with views of the beach, the bridge, the playground, the Camp Meeker sign, and the Post Office. So go down there and have yourself a sit down. Enjoy the view, admire the work done, read the plaque, and give Cathie your thanks for all her many efforts to make Camp Meeker a place to love.
Happy wedding Anniversary to Toni and Ted Parmeter. My dear husband Gregorio and I will celebrate our 49th anniversary on June 21st. I wish Very Happy June birthdays to Bob Kelly on the 1st, Jesse Abend on the 5th, master of the hardware domain and beyond Don Berry on the 10th, wonderful community volunteer Linda Baswell on the 12th, Jeff Parmeter on the 15th and Marsha Weidmann has her day on the 20th.
Have a wonderful rest of Spring and call me at 632-5545 or email with info for your Cazadero Column!
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